There are a lot of different games, some involve fighting, some involve puzzles, others are about adventures, but today I want to present you clicking game. The name of this game is Cookie Clicker and it is pretty entertaining and addicting.

The game sure seems boring at the beginning, but in time you will find it attractive. Hiring more people and expanding your business is very interesting and enjoyable.

How to play game:
How to play it? The answer is simple, earn your first cookies with the help of clicking, after that hire your first bakers, as soon as you will hire your first worker real fun begins. You earn resources at an accelerated speed, you can hire scout girls so they can sell your cookies and with the cash, you can open stores, factories, etc. This is the main idea of the game.

Your number one job is to increase your cookie production, to increase your income and to open more facilities. Your success is calculated by following two main parameters: cookies per second and dollars per second. Make sure that you improve your results in order to earn the title of a successful company.

Since it is clicking game all you need to navigate in the game is a mouse, no keyboard buttons are required. The game is pretty easy to handle and in case of playing it from the phone, it is even more comfortable than a keyboard and mouse. Scroll down to find download links on the Android platform and on the iOS platform.

You are a beginner businessman and your objective is to expand your business, build your cookie empire and create a world-class brand, which will be recognized all over the world. Unlock different upgrades, improve your stats (cookies/per second & cash/per second), hire more people and become a recognizable brand.

Cookie Clicker on Your Device:
Did you know that there is an app for this game as well? You can download this app on your phone and enjoy the game from your device. Sounds cool right? Checkout provided links below and enjoy your time with Cookie Clicker.

Did you know that the game saves your current progress automatically? Pretty awesome feature right? For example, you can play today, you can open some stores in the game, etc. and tomorrow you will continue playing from the same exact spot! Even if you will shut down your PC! Just don’t change your browser guys, your current progress is saved in a specific browser! Keep that in mind please in order to avoid loss of data.

I believe the current progress of the Cookie Clicker is being saved in local storage automatically, not sure if you need this information, but if you are interested this is exactly how game data is being saved in your PC.

Games like this are always based on different upgrades and improvements. in our case we have seven main units, all listed units do different unique things. For example, some units are oriented on earning resources (cookies), some of them are for earning cash (scout girls are there to sell your cookies and help you to earn money.), other units are focused on mass production, etc.

Each case is unique and each unit must be improved on the specific level in order to unlock the next one and expand your cookie business further, we have covered all main upgrades in the following guide. Please make sure that you have read it carefully in order to not miss any important details.

YouTube Guide:
Still feeling cunfused about the game? No problem, we have video guide for you on YouTube, take a look, I’m sure you will learn a lot of interesting things there.

Afterword Tips:

– never ever focus your attention on upgrading click value, focus instead on hiring workers (which leads to passive income).
– at first hire as many bakers as it is possible, after reaching a decent amount of cookies per second focus on hiring scout girls. This way you will have cookies and you will have cash flow as well.
– balance, keep balance in hiring workers, for example, if you will hire more scout girls than bakers you will run out of cookies in no time and it will make your further development difficult.
– Opening huge facilities like factories, stores, etc require a lot of energy and patience. Collect the required resources and wait for the right time.
– have fun, serious games were made for this particular reason, open game tab in your browser and play while you are at work, time will fly in no time.

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