Welcome to my blog guys, I am the sole owner of this site and I am a huge fan of the Cookie Clicker game. I love other similar games as well and who knows maybe in the future I will add those games as well, but right now let’s talk about the blog and other cool stuff, shall we?

Okay, I am the sole owner of this site, I wrote all articles on it, I have built all content, all pages and everything else. It is kind of hard to make everything alone, but I did it and we have what we have.

In the future I plan to add video guides as well, I’m looking forward to adding other tips and tricks as well. It is going to be cool and interesting, stay tuned guys and don’t forget to subscribe.

Now about me, I am 30 years old blogger, I love to write articles, I love to discuss different stuff and talk about it. I love to build sites as well, web-development is an interesting thing to do, to create stuff to share it online and help people to stay entertained is an enjoyable thing to do.

With all that being said, I think I have covered all important aspects of my blog, what is my blog all about, who made it, my future plans, etc.

I’m aware that you might have additional questions, no problem, send your questions via the contact form. If you have game-related questions check the FAQ page.

It was a pleasure to have you here, hope you will find my blog useful and helpful, cheers guys.