How do you play the game?  With the help of a mouse, you upgrade different units and do other stuff.
 How many upgrades are there?  There are various units, starting from Baker and ending with Cookie Mall. In a total of seven units.
 Should I go for a click upgrade?  Avoid upgrading this feature, focus more on hiring more bakers. Click feature won’t allow you to relax!
 Why I can’t buy new units?  Most likely you didn’t upgrade previous units fully. In order to buy advanced units, you will have to invest in previous ones first.
 Does the game save my progress?  Yes, you can safely close the window today and open it tomorrow and continue your game progress from the same spot.
 Can I play this game on the phone?  Sure you can, just visit your app store or play market and search for Cookie Clicker.
 Are there other similar games?  Clicking games that evolve around passive income strategy are very popular these days, some of them are awesome.
 Any possible future upgrades?  There are rumors that a new version will be released soon, it will have a better graphical interface and even more units.

If you have additional game-related questions please leave them below in the comments section, we will try to answer those questions as soon as possible.