I know it must be confusing at first glance, we all have been there. This is exactly why I have decided to add this page, to make things easier for you. Check out the following main upgrades of the game, which units are there, what they do, how to upgrade them, etc.

   This upgrade improves value f your click (don’t focus on this upgrade, focus on other upgrades to improve your passive income)
   Bakers produce cookies for you. Hire them whenever you have an opportunity, you can sell cookies later and earn cash.
   Scout girls are good when it comes to selling cookies, they work hard and they help you to earn cash.
   Tree is essential for later upgrades, if you don’t have a good amount of trees you won’t be able to open stores, factories, malls, etc.
   Serious unit for producing tons of cookies – factory. It is not really cheap one, but it is definitely an important one to grow your cookie empire.
   Stores are the next step when it comes to money-earning, in store you can sell tons of cookies in no time and increase your dollars per second dramatically.
   Our final frontier before becoming cookie king – mall. It will take a while to get here, but in the end, it is worth it.


If you still feel confused or you don’t know what to do, don’t be afraid, we are here for you, contact us via form or leave your comments below in comments section and we will answer you in no time. We are here to help you 🙂