We are not really that much of strict when it comes to rules, but since we plan to deliver a quality experience and we are looking forward to good feedbacks from our users we have to add some rules in order to keep our community friendly and happy 🙂

This is why we came up with following simple rules, nothing complicated here actually, please take a moment and read them 🙂

– No swearing
– No hate speech
– No racism or similar behavior
– No cheats
– No bug usages (if you will find one you will have to report them to us)
– No content stealing
– No spamming
– No repeated articles (write unique guides)
– No flaming in chat or rude behavior, be friendly and positive.
– No promotion

I know at first glance it looks like we have a lot of nos in our rules, but if you will read them carefully you will notice that all rules make sense and all of them are focused on building a positive community.